Milligan Bio-Fuels

Long before biodiesel became a familiar word to most people, farmers in the community of Foam Lake Saskatchewan realized that the small amount of damaged seed that was produced every year could be used to make fuel for their equipment. With this realization, Milligan Biofuels was born. Investment from the local Producers and technical help from Agriculture Canada and the University of Saskatchewan started to move Milligan Biofuels down the path to becoming both a pioneer and a key player in Western Canada’s biofuels industry.Today there is a healthy demand for biodiesel world-wide and Western Canada is no exception. Milligan Biofuels’ Foam Lake plant underwent an aggressive growth program in 2011 in order to capture the opportunities of the expanding biodiesel demand. The plant is now capable of producing over 20 million liters of biodiesel per year that exceeds all of the quality requirements of its customers.

Total Number of Employees: 46

Total Number of Researchers: 3


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 18001
  • ASTM 7651


  • Utilizing distressed oilseed crops
  • Oilseed extraction
  • Bio-diesel production
  • Sales of Bio-diesel
  • Sales of Environmentally freiendly Coproducts; Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Penetrating oil, Road Dust suppressant.
  • Production and sales of Feed ingredents; ie proteins and energy supplements

Areas of Expertise:

  • Bioenergy/ Biofuels
  • Bioprocessing
  • Bio-diesel


Website: Milligan Bio-Fuels

Fax: (306) 272-6283

Address: 907 HYW 16 E , Box 130
Foam Lake, Sask. S0A-1A0