CanMar Foods Ltd.

CanMar Foods Ltd. formerly known as CanMar Grain Products Ltd. is specialized in the cleaning and roasting of food-grade flaxseed. In a 12-step cleaning process, flaxseeds are cleaned to 99.99% purity and roasted for exceptional taste and texture. CanMar Foods became a world leader in the production of roasted flaxseed and shows great expertise in cleaning and packaging of flax seed. The unique roasting process is unmatched in the flax industry.

CanMar changed ownership on December 1, 2017, and was purchased by Hokanson Capital one of the largest conventional and organic farming operation in Saskatchewan.  CanMar Foods Ltd. is a fully integrated “closed loop” state of the art processing facility able to purchase flaxseed directly from CanMar farming operations to process the highest quality and best tasting flaxseed available for consumers worldwide. CanMar Foods equally serves the retail and ingredient industry.  Products are traceable from “farm to spoon” providing transparency and traceability for both food industry and the final consumer. In 2018 CanMar Foods Ltd. became the market leader of flaxseed products in the Canadian retail market. At the same time, CanMar Foods is exporting both retail and wholesale products worldwide creating a strong position on the international platform. Core export markets include the US, Mexico, UK, Belgium, Spain, China, the Philippines, Japan, Middle East. Retail products are commercially available under the CanMar™ brand and Flax for Nutrition™ brand.

Total Number of Employees: 34


  • SQF
  • ECO Cert
  • USDA Certification
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free GFCP
  • Non-GMO verified       


  • Processing conventional and organic flaxseed (golden/ brown, whole/milled) and other seeds
  • Milling capability for various milling grades
  • Gluten-free certified facility, nut & tree nut free facility, dairy free
  • Retail and ingredient packaging capabilities
  • Private label opportunity
  • 12 –step cleaning process to 99.99 % purity
  • Microbial control
  • Customized heat treatment capability
  • Exceptional taste and texture
  • SQF/HACCP designed environment 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Oilseeds
  • Roasting products
  • 12-step cleaning capability 


Name: Myles Hamilton President

Website: CanMar Foods Ltd.

Tel: (306) 721-1375

Fax: (306) 721-1378

Address: 2480 Sandra Schmirler, 
Way Regina, SK