Every time we experience unusual weather conditions, hear of hunger in the developing world, cities running out of room for garbage, dangerous smog conditions or water shortages, we realize we must find a way to live without depleting the limited resources of this planet – to find sustainable solutions that will create a world where everyone has enough food to eat, water to drink and clean air to breathe.

Driven by global concerns about overload on our planet, scientists are searching for solutions and industry is stepping up to fill the demand for ‘greener’ products and processes. Biotechnology is a powerful tool that can be used to solve the myriad challenges coming our way.

Progress is being made in many areas, such as bioremediation technologies for industrial sites, bioproducts that replace or enhance petroleum products, such as using bioproducts to double the amount of oil that can be extracted from oil wells or aviation fuels and metal working fluids that come from specialty crops, such as Camelina sativa and Brassica carinata. Biopesticides are more targeted and less toxic, and biologicals are being explored as an important area of interest.

The possibilities are as endless as the imaginings of our researchers.

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