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Here's a bit more information about the Saskatchewan companies featured in our Rawlco radio ads. 

Ecologik has developed enzyme-based cleaning products - harnessing the power of mother nature to safely and effectively keep your home (and the environment) happy and healthy. (Listen)

Okanagan Specialty Fruits is helping to reduce food industry waste by switching off the browning gene in fruit. OSF's Arctic® Apples reduce waste–from the orchards, to supermarkets, and right into your kitchen. Same great taste, with way less waste!(Listen)

Smart Earth is developing a special oilseed crop called camelina, increasing the diversity of crops that grow in Saskatchewan. More diversity means good things for both the environment and our economy. Camelina is a great source of omega fatty acids for human diets. Chickens that eat camelina meal produce heart-healthy high-omega eggs and meat.(Listen)

Prairie Tide found a special substance (a peptide) in flax that can benefit human health by suppressing tumours and inflammation, as well as having cosmetic and even industrial uses. Prairie Tide is expanding the flaxseed grower’s market in Saskatchewan and improving people’s lives!(Listen)

Quantum Genetix uses DNA testing to help farmers take the guesswork out of decision making. DNA testing on both crops and livestock can give farmers information that make them much more efficient, creating less waste in their operations. (Listen)


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