Protein Highway

It is expected that a growing global population, along with rising incomes, will lead to a greater demand for protein.

Canada’s Prairie Provinces and the American Midwest have a huge capacity for growing plant-based proteins. Pulse acreage in Canada is increasing (peas are at more than four million acres and growing); Saskatchewan is the largest producer and exporter of lentils in the world; canola contains excellent protein in the meal; and soybeans are grown extensively in the US, with shorter season varieties grown in Canada.

Seeing this important opportunity, a group of industry, research and policy leaders from the US and Canada came together in 2016 to determine the best way to enable innovative agricultural technology solutions from plant proteins. The ‘Protein Highway’ initiative was born.

The area included in the Protein Highway has the ideal climate, industrial infrastructure, and breeding and processing research clusters to support it. 

The Protein Highway was officially launched at ABIC 2016 in Fargo, North Dakota. An asset map of research institutions and current projects and expertise is being created, with Protein Highway branding and website development also underway.

Accelerating on the Protein Highway