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Company Information:

Brazilian leader in global SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for agribusiness, Solinftec is headquartered in Araçatuba, inland São Paulo, in addition to six offices in different parts of Brazil.
In the US, it is based in West Lafayette, Indiana, in partnership with the renowned Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University. In Cali, Colombia, the office serves as a hub for Latin America, where the company operates in six countries. In total, the company already operates in more than eleven countries.
Sugarcane, cotton, rice, soy, coffee, wheat, corn, orange and eucalyptus are the crops and grains better managed with Solinftec’s cutting-edge technology. This allows better operational control, reduces a wide range of costs and increases efficiency to be globally competitive. The consequence is accelerated growth in the field, sustainability and proven results.

Solinftec in numbers
36K agricultural equipment monitored online
150K users interacting daily
22 million acres in Brazil, Latin America and USA
More and more customers use ALICE, the first virtual assistant in the agribusiness world, which is making farms more and more autonomous

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Leonardo Carvalho
Head of Business Development

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Organization Type: Private Sector

Organization Area: Agriculture Production, Business Support


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