Intelliconn, a Saskatoon-based ag-tech company, has been awarded 1 of the 10 spots in the Silicon Valley-based THRIVE Accelerator program, being selected from almost 300 companies from 55 countries.

Being part of the THRIVE Accelerator program provides management education and mentoring, potential access to over $2 million in funding, and connects Intelliconn to an extensive network of partners in the agriculture, technology, and finance sector around the globe. Acceptance into the program also means Intelliconn will receive exposure at the Forbes AgTech Summit’s Demo Day in Salinas, CA this summer.

The THRIVE Accelerator program supports early stage companies from all areas of the value chain whose technologies help provide a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future. Through its annual Open Innovation and Seed Accelerator programs and its venture and advisory services, THRIVE has been helping innovative technology companies disrupt, scale, and lead in the global ag-tech market since 2014.

“We are very pleased to be selected”, says Ken Jackson, Intelliconn’s CEO. “Not only is the THRIVE Accelerator program a tremendous opportunity to have access to and interact with the world’s most innovative agricultural technology companies, it is a major endorsement that what we are doing is very important globally. We are also pleased to be representing the Saskatchewan ag-tech sector on a global stage and leveraging the substantial capabilities we have here.”

Intelliconn got its start in 2016 selling products that provide farm-wide wireless connectivity and remote monitoring and control solutions. But it’s Intelliconn’s Grain Data & Analytics products, which are set to launch in 2019, that are getting increasing attention throughout the food chain globally. These products, which include ingrain™ and insight™ automatically obtain and secure detailed representative samples of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, and other commodities as they are loaded into or out of storage, or when transporting.

The system will also measure and analyze commodity characteristics. Initially, temperature and moisture will be measured to assess grain spoilage losses. Ultimately, Intelliconn plans to measure protein, oil content, toxins, glyphosate residue, and other characteristics in real-time. This will increase revenue for producers and reduce costs for processors. The products also make blockchain utilization and field to fork tracking much easier and, ultimately get more food to more people globally.

Intelliconn’s offices are located at Innovation Place in Saskatoon.


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