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Committed, dedicated, passionate. The Ag-West Bio team is working to grow the bioeconomy in Saskatchewan and you can be a part of it. As a member, you are supporting our efforts to promote Saskatchewan’s bioscience capacity. Keep us aware of your needs, so we can work for you. Knowing your challenges, we work to keep our government informed so the sector can flourish.

Member benefits:

Ag-West Bio members are eligible for the following benefits, thanks to our partnership with BioTalent Canada!
Access to up to 5 FREE job postings per Ag-West Bio member* on BioTalent Canada’s PetriDish
EXCLUSIVE access to BioTalent Canada’s new sponsored Group Benefits Program** BioBenefits
Access and input to the BioTalent Canada Corporate Discounts Program 
*  A discount code will be made available to Ag-West Bio Members on the PetriDish™ job board at BioTalent Canada’s web site. Ag-West Bio members may post up to five (5) job postings on the website for free (a $200 value/job posting).
**BioBenefits will be exclusively available to Ag-West Bio Members in the province of Saskatchewan. Ag-West Bio members will be the only Saskatchewan biotech companies to have access to the BioBenefits Group benefits program.

Help getting your message out:

  • Listing on the Ag-West Bio website and Saskatchewan Biosciences database
  • Listing in the Saskatchewan Biosciences Resource Guide
  • Forward your news releases to our membership
  • Link to your company newsletter
  • Promote your events by posting to our event site
  • Participate in collaborative advertising
  • Opportunity to submit blogs


Networking and educational opportunities
Significant savings on registration for major conferences hosted by Ag-West Bio. Free registration for our seminars and networking events, including:

  • Commercialization seminars
  • Life Science Showcases featuring local businesses
  • Global Biotech Week events
  • Special seminars on industry issues, trends and new technologies


International presence, coordinated representation for Saskatchewan’s bioscience cluster
Save time and money as part of the Saskatchewan Biosciences team at tradeshows and conferences.

Current, relevant industry information

  • Electronic newsletter (Bio-Bulletin) published quarterly
  • Newsfeed and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Guest blogs by industry experts


Industry representation with government

  • Develop submissions for federal planning and / or regulatory purposes
  • Saskatchewan input into national program development
  • Business planning assistance


Business support through pathfinding, business plan development

  • Mentorship opportunity (through the Raj Manek Foundation)
  • Commercialization Fund – up to $300,000
    (for qualified member companies with an identified path to market)


And of course:
Members have the right to vote at the Annual Meeting and are eligible to be nominated for election to the AWB Board of Directors


Membership categories and fees:

Corporate Membership

Under 50 employees: $350.00 CAD + GST
Over 50 employees: $1000 CAD + GST

Individual Membership

$150.00 CAD + GST


$50.00 CAD + GST


  • Each paid member organization is allowed one vote at the Annual Meeting.
  • For major conferences, one employee per member organization under 50 employees will receive the reduced conference registration rate. Over 50 employees: a maximum of three(3) employees will receive the reduced conference registration rate.
  • The $1000 rate does not apply to universities; individual schools, departments and colleges are eligible for the $350 rate.




Ag-West Bio Honorary Lifetime Membership
This is a special membership category for past board members who have served for two terms (a minimum of five years), as well as past employees who have served the organization continuously for at least five years.
  • Those who feel they qualify can contact Ag-West Bio; we may also reach out to qualified individuals.
  • Honorary Lifetime Members will be recognized at the start of the Annual Meeting each year.
  • This will be considered a “special category” of membership and is purely voluntary. 
  • There will be no fee attached to this membership category.
  • No voting or other special rights will be attached to this membership category.
  • Honorary Lifetime members would be listed (at their discretion) in a special category on the Ag-West Bio website.
  • Honorary Lifetime membership continues for life; or it can end at the request of the member at any time.
If you wish to apply for an Honorary Lifetime Membership, or you know someone who is qualified, please contact Pamela Warren ( or (306) 668-3565.