Canola Meeting 2018 presentations

The following presentations are posted with permission of the presenters.


Canola Industry Meeting - December 5, 2018

Jim Everson, CCC: “Canada’s canola sector: priorities and partnership”

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Kerry Freeman, Corteva Agriscience:
“Introducing Corteva Agriscience”

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Brent Collins, BASF: “BASF: Continued research and Investment to grow the canola industry”


Christopher Anderson, Bayer CropScience:“Bayer Canola Development Pipeline”

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C.P. (Andy) Andrahennadi, Nutrien:
“Grow our world from the ground up”

not available

Van Ripley, NuSeeds America: "Nuseed Canada Canola/Omega-3 program"


Janice Duguid, DL Seeds:
"DL Seeds: 10 years strong"

not available

Dane Froese, Manitoba Agriculture:
“2018 Manitoba Canola Update”


Ward Toma, Alberta Canola Producers
Commission: “2018 Alberta Canola Update"

Matthew Bernard, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture: “2018 Saskatchewan Canola Update”


Raymond Gadoua, CCC: WCC/RRC Report

Veronique Barthet, CGC:
“Quality of Western Canadian Canola - Harvest 2018”


Gary Peng, AAFC: Report from the
International Clubroot Workshop: Resistance

Bruce Gossen, AAFC: "Report from the International Clubroot Workshop: Agronomy


Godfrey Chongo, BASF:
“Challenges with keeping up with clubroot
from a breeding perspective”

Wolfgang Friedt, Justus Liebig-University of Giessen: “Scope of oilseed rape/canola cultivation and use”


Dale Thorenson, US Canola Association:
“US Canola Update”

Rodney Mailer, Australian Oils Research: “Production, quality and standards for Australian Canola”


Peter Slade: University of Saskatchewan:
"Changing consumer preferences:
Opportunities and threats “

Brian Innis, CCC: "Adopting Innovation– it’s not just about Canada" 


Scott Kirby, PMRA:  "PMRA update on the neonicotinoid assessments"

Richard Wilkins, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture: "Sask Water monitoring program for neonicotinoid pesticides 2018"


Charles Geddes, AAFC:“Glyphosate/AMPA soil residues and their impact on crop productivity in western Canada”

not available




Canola Innovation Day: December 6, 2018

Christian Werner, University of Edinburgh: “Genomic prediction in rapeseed –
current status and perspective”


Ti Zhang, University of Saskatchewan:“Canola yield prediction using aerial multispectral imaging”


Andrew Sharpe, GIFS: “P2IRC Update”


Heather Shearer, CFIA: "Plants with novel traits: how an outcome-focused regulatory system accommodates new gene editing technologies"


Han Chen, ZeaKal: “PhotoSeed: Improving canola yield and composition”


Elizabeth Weretilnyk, McMaster University: "Mining for stress tolerance traits: Insights from a Yukon extremophyte"

not available

Liping Wang, University of Guelph: "Enhancing yield and biomass in canola by modifying starch metabolism"

not available

Raju Datla, NRC: “Prospects for improving water use and photosynthetic efficiency”

not available

Bill Greuel, Protein Industries Canada: 
“PIC Update”

not available

Byung-Kook (Brian) Ham, GIFS: "New role of the plant vascular system to improve the crop yield"


Samah Garringer, Avril Group: 
“Protein for Life…bridging farm to fork”

not available
Dwayne Hegedus, AAFC: “Accessing seed protein genetic diversity”  

Janitha Wanasundara,  AAFC: “Canola
seed protein processing and fractionation”


Martin Schweizer, Burcon NutraScience: “Canola proteins in human food applications” 

not available

James Szarko, Botaneco: "Redesigning
and reimaging oilseed processing"

not available

James House, University of Manitoba: “Capturing the protein advantage”


Bishnu Karki, South Dakota State University: “Fungal fermentation of canola
meal for the animal feed”


Ushan Alahakoon, Corteva Agriscience: “Adding value to canola meal” 

not available


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