Steve Webb


Steve was named New Technology and Intellectual Property Portfolio Development Leader at Dow AgroSciences in 2013 (now Corteva Agriscience). He represents Corteva Agriscience on several major external collaborations, including the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries Australia, Fraunhofer IME Germany and the National Research Council of Canada. Steve also represents the company as a member of the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute Board of Directors and also serves on the Institute’s Internal Scientific Advisory Board.

Steve joined Dow AgroSciences Canada, Inc. as a Research Scientist in Field Research and Development in 1996. The following year, Steve accepted the role of Product Development Manager in the Nexera™ canola breeding program in Saskatchewan, where he was responsible for the registration of the first Omega-p canola varieties. He relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2000 and became Project Success Leader for Animal Health & Nutrition. He led the effort that demonstrated the technical feasibility of plant-made vaccines, ARC™ biologics, and food safety antibodies. In 2007, Steve assumed leadership of the Cell Biology Group, leading the implementation of BIO-ETS. Since 2009, he led Advanced Technology Discovery, including the effort to develop and deploy the EXACT™ Precision Platform Technologies in corn, soybeans, canola and wheat.  

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science in microbiology from the University of Guelph in 1990. In 1992, he earned his master’s in Biochemistry, then a PhD in immunochemistry in 1998, also from the University of Guelph.