Brad Bly


Brad manages Ag-West's Commercialization Fund, an early stage financing vehicle that can invest in Ag-bio companies with promising technology and an economically feasible plan for commercialization. In this capacity Brad works with companies, in collaboration with other stakeholders, to help get them ready for immediate and follow-on investment. He also specializes in knowledge transfer and seeks innovative ways to provide mentorship and commercialization input through the creation of seminars or one-on-one input.

Brad has a diverse Saskatchewan farm/agri-business and banking background. He worked for many years in the Saskatchewan banking industry, along with five years in economic development project management and commercial funding with the Federal Reserve Bank and U.S. Treasury. He is a certified economic development finance professional (EDFP) with a bachelor in Agriculture and an MA in economics. He also volunteers as an executive board member with the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA). Brad grew up on a farm near Saskatoon, and operated the farm before moving to Minnesota. His wife Chantal is a chiropractor. They have two young children.