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Government of Canada Highlights Successes of New Process for Natural Health Products

U of S to welcome top-notch cancer researcher in Saskatoon

MB Ag Hall Announces `13 Inductees Agriculture From producer to the world


Identifying Johne`s Disease with Accuracy Genome Prairie Announces Appointment of CSO

Agrisoma reaches carinata deal with biofuel firm

Volunteer Canola Will Challenge Growers in Western Canadian in 2013

Why should we trust science?

Cooking contest pushes new thinking on pulse crops

'Seeds,' 'Enron' in new NAC theatre season

Wheat Growers propose new wheat classification system

BioExx continues talks for canola protein production JV

Growing Excitement About Jet Fuel Oilseed

Pasmo on flax: Advances in resistance and management

Benefits of Fungicide Often Outweigh Cost in Canola

Food crisis will prompt GM foods rethink, says US aide

Sask. processor sees potential in functional foods

Sask farmer new Wheat Growers president

Prairies lead country in population growth

Budget reaction on social media

Scientist questions adjuvants in Roundup

Canola council tackles wide-ranging issues

Ag budget changes little

AAFC Sees More Wheat, Less Canola Seeded

Agriculture minister outlines budget details at Crop Talk

Dr. Susan M. Boyetchko, Ph.D. is recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Professional

DNA Catalysts Do the Work of Protein Enzymes Farmers to discuss challenges at Crop Talk

Re-Constituted Flax – – –

Canadian "Mission ImPULSEible" competition begins

Global Seeds Industry

Vaccine breakthrough could eliminate spontaneous bovine abortion

Winter wheat research key component of agriculture research funding

Global Vegetable Oils Industry Global Functional Foods and Drinks Industry Farmers urged to consider forming one, national association

Prepping on a grand scale

Tuition increases approved at U of S

Culture helps build great city

How to harvest Canada’s agriculture potential

Relocating? Compare cost of living and industries across Canada

Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada celebrates 20 years of advancing science Variety selection key tool in disease control

More Canadian farmers suspect they have herbicide-resistant weeds

Don’t Forget to Claim your Tax Credits

We're moving to Saskatchewan

Stubborn infections one of the targets of research park biotech labs

LifeSciences BC Announces Recipients of the 2013 LifeSciences British Columbia Awards

Saskatchewan proclaims agriculture literacy week

7th Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop in Saskatoon features 23 presenters

Canola top revenue crop in 2012

Study counters reports of seed treatment-bee link

Researchers put bees to work

Seed rights versus patent protection

Modified bacteria turn plant waste into fat for fuel

Biosecurity for the Grains and Oilseeds Industry

Report tackles water efficiencies in agriculture

Root biology research key to efficient nutrient, water use

NASA Begins Flight Research Campaign Using Alternate Jet Fuel

Grainworld: Wheat could be the new canola

Mad for science Prairie seed variety registration process under federal review

Canola Top Revenue Crop in 2012

Sourdough research yields sweet results

Report identifies ways to improve water management

National Research Council chief defends industry-driven direction under Harper government

Grainworld 2013 – Some bottom lines

Sask. bucks national trends: RBC

Biodiesel firms upset with program's end

Canada to end biofuel subsidy in 2017: report

Monsanto court case not about save-the-seeds myth

Saskatoon tops list of fast growing Canadian cities

Gene discovery fails to wow Canadian plant breeder

Research results that please the bean counters Add to …

Roundup Ready alfalfa moves closer to fields

Fusarium on cereals: seed quality and seed treatments

Pulse Producers Eligible to Claim 53 per cent of Check-off Contribution for Tax Credit

Harper Government Announces Canadians will have Greater Access to Natural Health Products

Using GM Plants To 'Grow' Medicines

From PLANT’s print edition: Biofuel takes flight

New approach to approving natural health products inadequate, says British Columbia Medical Association

Sask joins FCC's ag promotion program

ExViterra CEO, Mayo Schmidt Joins Agrium Board.

Research project funding announced

Centre makes sense

A Land of Opportunity… the new Saskatchewan

GMO’s, pollination, and young farmers highlight organic conference

Report calling Saskatchewan unaffordable got it all wrong

Institute helps feed innovators get off the ground

Varietal ID test available for five durum varieties

Consumers remain wary of livestock technology

Wheat growers need to play active role in wheat research

Orchard owners experiment with new fruit crop

Triffid-free flax seed available in 2014

Government of Canada: Building a Stronger Economy Through Investments in Research Partnerships

Wall says Saskatchewan boom not over, despite talk of budget belt-tightening

Agriculture IQ: Regina summit promotes farming, aims at dispelling myths

The genetic goodness of blueberries

Biofuels backed for jet fuel, but major hurdles still remain

There's time to talk before food runs out

Saskatchewan premier warns of budget challenges because of resource revenue drop

Novozymes acquires Iogen Bio-Products

A cheaper way to turn flax into biodiesel

Researching biofuel

Industry support highlights value of beef teaching, research

Scientists track evolution of antibiotic resistance using automated device

Iowa weed scientist wades into glyphosate controversy

Private-sector investment needed in wheat research

U of R researchers studying cow manure

Canadians will have greater access to natural health products

Wheat Farmers Prepared to Launch Legal Challenge to CWB Dismantling

Livestock research gets $3.4 million

Alta. to open seed diagnostic lab

Red tape hinders investment in wheat breeding

Green Revolution more focused on feeding cars than people

Biotech critical to food security

Engineered microbes that convert waste into biofuels

Viterra’s sale to Glencore involved a lot of moving parts

The confusing world of organic activism: Don’t blame organic farmers!

Report: Saskatchewan economy will suffer without greater effort to curtail labour shortage

Weekly earnings up in Saskatchewan Scientists make virus-fighting breakthrough

From seed to sky

Tempted to treat your ailing child with alternative remedies? A few cautions

There are benefits to genetic modification

New solid stemmed wheat shows promise for growers

U of S cuts should concern ag industry

Red tape concerns farmers

Canadian Health Food Association Applauds Harper Government for Recent Announcements on Cutting Red Tape

Canola shipments to China soar to record high

Livestock projects get funding

$67-million grant to Canadian Light Source at U of S supports operation of national synchrotron facility

A banner year for Canadian scientists

Forage council to hire research co-ordinator

Harper Government Helps Form the Saskatchewan Forage Network

Ottawa contributes operating funds for CLS

Fusarium head blight marches across Sask

Viterra executive to lead Bunge in Canada

New checkoffs loom in Sask.

Spinning crop fibres into gas tanks


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