Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is collaborating with our counterparts in Ontario on a nation-wide farm photo contest with $4,000 in cash prizes available for winners in six categories. Winning photos will be used in the updated fifth edition of The Real Dirt on Farming, a publication that answers common questions about food and farming practices in Canada.
Photo categories:
  • Canadian Farm Scenes: Capture the beauty of Canada’s rural landscape
  • Faces Behind Food & Farming: From farmers to chefs and everyone in between – all the people who make food & farming possible doing what they love
  • All about Animals: Farm animals in the barn or field
  • Farm Innovation: Technology at work on Canadian farms
  • Crazy about Crops: Photos of crops being grown in fields, orchards or greenhouses across Canada
  • Farm to Plate: Showcasing the fresh, delicious and nutritious food grown and produced right here in Canada.
All entries must be received by end of day on July 1, 2020.
Organizers are especially looking for photos from inside the barn, farmers using modern equipment and others that showcase mainstream agriculture today—how most of our food is produced.
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Photo above: A 2017 winning entry in the Canadian Farm Scenes category, by Dean McLeod, Saskatchewan. 


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