More Beans Please? Solving the Protein Puzzle – Annual Meeting and Networking Event


Date: June 27, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Staybridge Suites Saskatoon - University, 1838 College Drive East, Saskatoon, S7N 2Z8

Protein is the current dietary buzzword. It seems that plant-based protein is in style, while meat is out of style. And other types of proteins are making their way into the picture, like insects and lab-grown, or ‘cultured’ meat.

What is a consumer to think?

Ag-West Bio has many roles in developing the provincial bioeconomy. One role is to encourage people to explore novel ideas, but also to focus on evidence-based decision making and science-based regulations and policies.

What are the protein options available today? What new technologies are emerging? Are some forms of protein better than others nutritionally? Why do some vegetarians want ‘meat-like’ products?

Just how bad is animal agriculture for the planet – or is it bad?

What does science say? 

To answer some of these questions, we’ve invited experts to discuss various sources of protein – beef, plants, lab-grown meat and insects – along with a nutrition expert who will give us the low-down on what our bodies need.


Robert (Bob) Tyler
Professor, Food and Bioproduct Sciences, U of S
CTO, Protein Industries Canada
MC / plant-based protein
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Deborah Wilson
VP, BIXSco Inc.

No Beef with Beef
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Kelly Hagen
COO, Enotomo Farms

Crickets as an Alternative Protein: Canada Leads the Way
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Matthew Anderson-Baron
Co-Founder, Lead Scientist, Future Fields

Frankenmeat: Cellular Agriculture and The Future of Food
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Gordon Zello
Professor of Nutrition, U of S

Canada’s food guide: Where differing protein sources fit for a healthy diet
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