Meet your Match

Date: April 28, 2023

Time: 8:00 am

Location: Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel, Saskatoon, SK

Do you work in the value-added agriculture industry and have a challenge that needs a solution? Are you interested in learning about collaborative research opportunities?

Join us at Meet your Match to connect with other value-added businesses and meet with researchers looking to collaborate to solve industry challenges!

This half-day workshop will provide researchers with an opportunity to pitch their research program. This will be followed by speed networking where industry and researchers will discuss how they can work together.

Researchers and their Areas:

Plant based ingredient and processing/engineering:

Protein, Lipids, Starch and More:

  • Michael Nickerson
  • Martin Reaney¬†
  • Yongfeng Ai
  • Jafar Soltan
  • Takuji Tanaka

Feed processing and utilization: 

  • Rex Newkirk
  • Peiqiang Yu

Bioproduct processing:

  • Bishnu Acharya
  • Lee Wilson
  • Denise Stilling

Tickets: $25 + Tax


This event is co-hosted by The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture


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