Understanding the Protein Research Landscape in Canada


Date: September 26, 2023

Time: 3:30 pm

Location: ONLINE

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Agriculture and Bioresources is hosting the first of a series of seminars during Global Biotech Week! Dr. Mike Nickerson, a professor at USask’s Food and Bioproduct Sciences (FABS) will be the speaker, with a focus on food and biotechnology.

Canada has uniquely position itself as an emerging leader in the global plant-based proteins ingredient space because of its rich supply of raw materials, and significant investments in value-added ingredient manufacturing, research, the plant-based food economy, and young talent. In doing so, a shift from selling crops at bulk commodity prices to producing higher valued ingredients is occurring across the Prairie Provinces, creating significant economic growth including the formation of new jobs. To support growth, significant research efforts aimed at developing sustainable, economically viable, industry adoptable, and commercially ready technologies for utilization of proteins, protein-rich co-products and ingredients in food, feed and bioproducts is under way. This webinar will discuss advances in plant protein research occurring within Saskatchewan (and across Canada), considering crop quality attributes, novel fractionation strategies, advancing ingredient performance further through clean label processes (e.g., enzymes, fermentation, etc.), and the development of plant-based food innovations.

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Event host:
USask College of Agriculture & Bioresources
Protein Industries Canada
​Yeild10 Oilseeds


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