Ag-West Bio has been helping businesses grow for over 30 years.

We understand the challenges you face in bringing research to market, and we can help. Combining expertise and experience, Ag-West Bio provides a centralized hub for linking private business with market knowledge, advisory input, mentoring and guidance. 

Ag-West forms a bridge between research and development institutions and industry, government policy makers and regulators, the general public and the bioeconomy. We provide commercialization insights and links to industry stakeholders, with a focus on contributing to business growth and competitiveness. 


What’s the plan?

A business plan is your most critical document. It helps you establish goals, maintain focus and evaluate the performance of your operation. It provides investors with information they need to make decisions. A business plan is a blueprint for success. 

We can help you develop a business plan based on opportunity and feasibility, which you can use to gain investors and strategic partnerships.


“As a member, I have been able to access great expertise, understanding, support, invaluable connections and ­financial assistance. The staff at Ag-West Bio all work to provide the utmost support for Saskatchewan enterprises.”
-- Betty Forbes, President & CEO, Northern Vigor Berries Inc.
The financial help we received through Ag-West Bio Inc. in the early years opened so many doors for us, while the guidance and mentorship they provided was just as instrumental.
-- Brent Zettl, President & CEO, Prairie Plant Systems Inc.
"Ag-West Bio has delivered scientific, marketing and financial support and guidance to countless individuals and organisations over the past 25 years."
-- John Cross, Founder of Philom Bios Inc. (now Novozymes BioAg)