Ag-West Fund

One of  the most valuable services we provide is helping early-stage companies become investment ready. This is a detailed process where a company works closely with Ag-West Bio management to develop a unique process/plan for each company. We provide input and linkages to research, market networks and funding sources, directing the company to other services and other industry stakeholders to address gaps.

Ag-West Bio’s Commercialization Fund
Ag-West Bio can provide early-stage, repayable investment capital and help secure matching funds for quali­fied start-ups or expanding companies. Financing takes the form of flexible and patient risk capital, and supports promising technologies at the early stages of development, when risk is too great for traditional capital sources. It ranges from $20,000 to $300,000 and is targeted to innovative initiatives where a clear pathway to commercialization can be demonstrated. 

A newly introduced investment vehicle complements our long-term investment fund. It is designed to make smaller (less than $50K) shorter-term investments in promising companies that are closer to commercialization but still not ready to attain venture capital or traditional financing. The flexibility of this vehicle allows Ag-West Bio to entertain creative ways to propel earlier stage companies toward accelerated commercialization, as part of our overall assistance plan.


Commercialization Fund details

Questions? Contact Brad Bly, Director of Commercialization at 306-668-2665.