Great idea! 

You have developed a bio-based technology or value-added product, and you know it has great potential. It’s time to commercialize so the world will bene­fit from your hard work! Bringing research to commercialization takes perseverance, patience, and a great deal of planning. No matter what the business, there are common questions that need to be answered: How do I protect my intellectual property? Are there gaps in my business plan? Where can I fi­nd funding?

Ag-West Bio can help. If you have a great idea that is ready to go to market, call us to see what your next step should be.

Searching for answers?
Ag-West Bio has been helping biobusinesses grow since 1989. We know the challenges you face in bringing research to market, and we can help. Ag-West forms a bridge between research and development institutions and industry, government policy makers and regulators, the general public and the bioeconomy. We provide commercialization insights and links to industry stakeholders, with a focus on contributing to business growth and competitiveness. Combining expertise and experience, Ag-West Bio provides a centralized hub for linking private business with market knowledge and sector based information. 

Learn from the experts
Collaborating with the Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program allows us to offer business mentorship as a service to our bio-entrepreneur clients. In return, we recommend experienced business mentors to the program from our network of industry stakeholders. We encourage clients to become protégés and use the Business Mentorship Program as a valuable component in developing skills needed for a successful business. We work with protégés to identify specic goals to attain milestones in their technology commercialization plan.

What’s the plan?
A business plan is a blueprint for success. It helps you establish goals, maintain focus and evaluate the performance of your operation. It provides investors with information they need to make decisions. A business plan is your most critical document. Our input can assist you in developing an executable plan, based on opportunity and feasibility, that you can take with confidence to potential investors.

Ag-Bio Technology Research and Commercialization Funding Options