Welcome to the Bio-Bulletin. You may notice a subtle change in our website: it’s now “responsive” or mobile friendly, making it easier to navigate on cell phones and tablets. Moving the content was a massive undertaking, and although we tried our best, there will likely be a few broken links and the odd item out of place, so please let me know if you find anything!

The year is moving quickly, and at Ag-West Bio we are busy with various projects. In February, we hosted a Funding Opportunities workshop for Saskatchewan bioscience companies. We were involved in Ag in the City in early April – coordinating the Science and Food Zones. The international Protein Highway is taking shape. As well, we have been drawing on the community for input for our strategic planning.

One major change to our calendar is that our annual meeting and networking event, traditionally held in the fall, is moving up to June this year. We are excited to say that Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta) will be our keynote speaker! His talk is titled “Gwyneth Paltrow vs Science: A battle we must win!” It’s a tongue in cheek look at how science and celebrity culture clash. Caulfield is an entertaining speaker and we look forward to hearing his views.

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