Welcome to the Spring 2016 Bio Bulletin!
I know, it doesn’t look (or feel) like spring in Saskatoon today – but the geese are back and that gives me hope.

Ag-West Bio has been busy as always with numerous seminars and networking sessions. A list of these, as well as upcoming events can be found on our online event calendar.

We are participating in the organization of another international conference this year: Emerging Technology for Global Food Security: Mobilization to the Developing World, hosted by the Global Institute for Food Security. It’s exciting to be involved in this event.

We are happy to partner with GIFS, along with many organizations in the local community, as well as across Canada, to move our bioeconomy forward. We will once again promote Saskatchewan biosciences at the BIO International Convention and BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, partnering with Life Science Association of Manitoba and BioAlberta to host a Prairie Provinces networking event on April 19th during World Congress in San Diego, CA.

I hope you enjoy the following articles. We encourage your participation and feedback on this site. Don’t miss our blogs, follow us on Twitter @agwestbio and like us on Facebook!

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