While we wait for the ever-elusive spring to arrive in Saskatchewan, at Ag-West Bio we keep a steady pace, with biobusiness development and engaged in numerous events.

We are looking forward to leading a delegation to BIO World Congress in Philadelphia, BIO 2014 in San Diego. A Japanese mission is underway as you read this. In June we are co-hosting two important events: the 2nd Canadian Wheat Symposium and the Application of Synchrotron Imaging for Crop Improvement Workshop. The Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC 2014) is coming soon.

Read more about these events in this Bio Bulletin. We encourage your participation and feedback on this site. Don’t miss our blogs and follow us on Twitter @agwestbio

ABIC 2014 speaker highlights: Nina Fedoroff: In a world of technological change
Survey results: What do Canadians really know about GMOs?
UPOV 91 Plant Breeders Rights (slides)
Learning about Agriculture – in the city
BIOTECanada’s 2014 Gold Leaf Awards nominations open
Camelina & carinata: Giant opportunities thanks to AAFC
Application of Synchrotron Imaging for Crop Improvement
Metabolix Oilseeds interview: biodegradable plastic from plants
Camelina genome published 
Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI) funding
CLS research will help develop new ‘ancient’ grain quinoa varieties


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