We’re nearing the end of another exciting year in Saskatchewan’s bioscience world. A key activity over the past year at Ag-West Bio was strategic planning for the next five years of operation. The agriculture industry is evolving rapidly, thanks in part to digital technology, and this will bring both opportunities and challenges, as we consider new tools that will dramatically alter agricultural production. The theme right now in agriculture is adapting to climate change, with all that implies. Disruptive technologies can affect society dramatically and it’s important for the province to prepare for these paradigm shifts. So we are living in interesting times!

Ag-West Bio has been a key player in the development of a proposal for federal ‘supercluster’ funding. Of over 50 proposals submitted from across Canada, this proposal made the shortlist of nine. Protein Industries Canada (PIC) is a pan-prairie initiative that builds on the region’s strengths in crop research in the midst of Canada’s greatest tract of agricultural land. Meeting the deadline for the second phase of the process – which will determine which five proposals will share the $950 million funding – was an enormous effort that emphasized the collaborative spirit of the Prairie Provinces. Stay tuned for more information!

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