Saskatchewan Food Processors Association


Organization Type : Not for Profit
Organization area (s) : Natural health products and functional foods
Address : 117 - 105 North Road
Province : SK
Postal Code : S7N 4L5
Website : Visit Website

Company Information :

Each year in Canada, over $82 billion in domestic retail and food service sales are generated by the agriculture and agri-food industry. Saskatchewan food processors are at the forefront of the industry potential. Today there are almost 300 food processors making up this rapidly growing sector of Saskatchewan's economy, and the Saskatchewan Food Processors Association is playing a leading role in the promotion, support, and growth of the dynamic group of over 200 member companies. The Saskatchewan Food Processors Association was formed in 1990 as a nonprofit organization designed to strengthen the food processing industry in Saskatchewan.

Primary Contact :

Name : Darrell Schneider
Position : Chief Operating Officer
Email :

Corporate Contact :

Name : Kim Hill
Position : Director Saskatchewan Made Program
Email :

Corporate Contact :

Name : Kerry Krzyzaniak
Position : Administrative Assistant Saskatchewan Made Program
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