Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc.


Organization Type : Not for Profit
Organization area (s) : Natural health products and functional foods
Address : 117 - 105 North Road
Province : SK
Postal Code : S7N 4L5
Website : Visit Website

Company Information :

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre) is a leader in providing expertise and resources to assist entrepreneurs and agribusinesses in bringing innovation to commercialization. Our expertise includes food and process development, interim processing, extrusion technology, skills development, food safety education and training, quality assurance, technology transfer and path-finding. The Centre’s federal processing facility is Saskatchewan’s only commercial incubation centre for food processing. We specialize in novel ingredient development and applications. Specialties include crops, pulses, meats, dairy, fruits and confectionery.

Primary Contact :

Name : Shannon Hood-Niefer
Position : VP - Innovation and Technology
Phone : 306-964-1819
Email :

Corporate Contact :

Name : Carmen Ly
Position : Communications Director
Phone : 306-933-7556
Email :