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Organization Type : Not for Profit
Organization area (s) : Biotechnology
Address : 8-3815 Thatcher Avenue
Province : SK
City : Saskatoon
Postal Code : S7R 1A3
Website : Visit Website

Company Information :

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission established in 1996 represents 5,600 plus registered flax growers. This producer run/producer directed organization operates via a mandatory but refundable levy of $2.36 per tonne seed and .50 per tonne straw. Programs are executed in the areas of food, feed, fiber and industrial markets to increase consumption of flax and increase net returns to grower members.

Primary Contact :

Name : Wayne Thompson
Position : Executive Director
Phone : 306-664-1901
Email :

Corporate Contact :

Name : Shane Stokke
Position : Director
Phone : (306) 946-4044
Email :