Organization Type: Private Sector
Organization area (s): Bioproducts and bioprocesses, Biotechnology

118 Veterinary Road
SK, S7N 2R4
(306) 978-2847

Company Information:
KEYLEAF (formerly POS Bio-Sciences) has completed more than 5,400 projects for clients in nearly 50 countries over the past four decades and is transitioning its business model to deliver greater value to its partners. Along with a new name, the company will also shift from its familiar contract service-based business in applied R&D, process development and manufacturing to feature more of its plant-based extracts and ingredients as products. KEYLEAF retains its deep understanding and demonstrated success in creating novel, value added, plantbased, protein, starch, and lipid-based ingredients through commercialization leveraging KEYLEAF team know how. The change in focus will enable the commercialization of a deep pipeline slated to bear the company’s new brand. With our vast expertise in plant extraction, concentration, isolation, and modification of material properties, the company finds itself poised to monetize soaring interest in the emerging hemp/cannabis category and extracts of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other high-value components with medicinal or nutritional applications. The new corporate name is anticipated to better define the value proposition of the company, allow for better acceptance with new and emerging potential clients in trending markets, while positioning our brand to be more reflective of its new direction. Most importantly, it will facilitate the enhanced focus on a new brand of value-added novel plant-based ingredients. The new ability to provide finished ingredients to the larger food, supplement, flavor, cosmetic, pharma, and advanced materials clients is a natural extension of our previous model of engagement in partnerships that showcased our unique ability to scale from bench to high volume commercial production with the capacity to process from grams to tonnes per week of finished extracts.

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Primary Contact:
Rick Green
President, Intellectual Capital Generation
(306) 978-2847

Corporate Contact:
Udaya Wanasundara
President, Global Ingredient Commercialization
(306) 978-2808

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