Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc.


Organization Type : Private Sector
Organization area (s) : Bioproducts and bioprocesses, Biotechnology
Address : 2024-110 Gymnasium Place
Province : SK
Postal Code : S7N 0W9
Website : Visit Website

Company Information :

The mission of Linnaeus is to create renewable, biodegradable industrial oils in oil seed crops that can be grown in Western Canada. The company is focused on camelina, a drought and frost tolerant crop that can be grown on marginal lands and is the crop’s largest breeder.  In collaboration with DuPont Pioneer, Linnaeus is developing varieties of camelina that are optimized for the production of high value industrial oils along with proprietary methods to purify these oils. Linnaeus’ oils represent alternatives to current petrochemicals.  Their added value assures profitability for the entire value chain.

Primary Contact :

Name : Jack Grushcow
Position : President
Email :

Corporate Contact :

Name : Debbie Puttick
Phone : 306-931-3382
Email :