CanMar Foods Ltd.
Organization Type: Private Sector
Organization area (s): Natural health products and functional foods

2480 Sandra Schmirler Way
Saskatoon, SK, S4W 1B7
+1-(403) 998-6874

Company Information:
CanMar Foods Ltd. is a Saskatchewan company dedicated to processing and roasting flax for human consumption. A food grade plant was completed in January 2005 with state-of-the art cleaning and roasting capabilities. CanMar Foods’ roasted flaxseed offers consumers a whole new level of convenience, taste and functionality compared to other flax products on the market. CanMar’s unique roasting process delivers superior products unmatched in the industry gently roasting the flaxseeds while maintaining the valuable nutrients. CanMar quality is revealed at all levels of production. Quality is reflected in managing the agronomics on our own 20,000 acre farm including 3,000 acres of organics, controlled growing conditions, double cleaning system for high purity seeds of minimum 99.99%, and heat treatment. CanMar’s roasted products are noticed for its nutty taste, crunchy texture and high purity. All CanMar flaxseed products are gluten free, allergen free, nut free and kosher. Certifications include SQF level 2, GFCP certificate, Eco Cert, Kosher. CanMar products include golden/brown roasted flaxseed (whole/milled), in conventional and organic. Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 ALA fatty acids, dietary fibre, lignans and valuable protein. Many studies confirm the benefits of regular flaxseed consumption on health and wellbeing. The new Health Canada Health Claim highlights the effects of flaxseed consumption on cholesterol and heart health.

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Primary Contact:
Myles Hamilton
+1-(403) 998-6874

Corporate Contact:
Duncan Werner
General Manager
(306) 721-1375