Plant Plus
Organization Type: Individual
Organization area (s): Bioproducts and bioprocesses, Other

3655 44 AVE E
Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton, AB, T9E0V4
(604) 754-2099

Company Information:
We use agriculture waste to make compostable products. Sugarcane fiber drinking straw is in Canada! Plant Plus is an innovative, dedicated and mindful source for eco-friendly packaging solutions. On a humble quest to revolutionize the food and beverage industry and effectively save the world, Plant Plus creates and distributes products made through plant fiber polymer technology. This ground-breaking and patented process utilizes existing industry standard machines and methods to turn renewable resources like brewing waste, coffee grounds, farming scraps and other plant fibres into high quality and Eco-friendly disposable materials. The result is plastic-free, non-toxic, fully sustainable and compostable materials that biodegrade within 45~60 days in soil waste system. Fearlessly ambitious and committed to creating near future solutions that will benefit the next generation and beyond, our overachieving spirit means we strive to meet both consumer and industry needs equally. By providing safe, sustainable, diversified and well-designed plant fiber polymer solutions, Plant Plus is excited to be at the forefront of replacing and reducing the amount of petrochemical products that currently dominate the market.

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Primary Contact:
Alfie Hsu
(604) 754-2099