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Company Information:
Equinom, an innovative seed technology company introduces Smarter Seeds, non-GMO seeds for human consumption with market-transforming characteristics, superior nutritional profiles and improved crop yields. Equinom is the only seed breeding company to focus on the food industry, allowing clients to design their own ingredients. Our products are brought to market through partnerships and collaboration agreements with top-tier food companies. Products - Smarter Seeds Equinom applies its breeding technology in crops where the removal of natural barriers through breeding serves as a game-changer in the economies of their market. Using our technology, we have developed two categories of Smarter Seeds: Smarter Protein and Smarter Oil. Our products are IP protected, and serve as the basis to endless seed varieties designed to the specific needs of our food company clients Smarter Protein a portfolio of six protein legumes including soybean, pea and chickpea with higher protein and better qualities, for the growing market of plant-based protein foods, removing barriers such as protein flavor and texture. Equinom oers food companies and growers a business model that transforms the supply-chain by adding a crucial link between supply and demand

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Primary Contact:
Itay Dana
Director of Marketing
(254) 994-0445