Committed, dedicated, passionate.

The Ag-West Bio team is working to grow the bioeconomy in Saskatchewan. Keep us aware of your needs, so we can work for you. Knowing your challenges, we strive to keep our government informed so the sector can flourish. 

Ag-West Bio Staff:
Wilf Keller – President and CEO 
Brad Bly – Director of Commercialization
Mike Cey – Director of Corporate Initiatives
Boni Dorish – Director, Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Lana Mollard – Corporate Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Patrick Pitka – Chief Financial Officer
Jackie Robin – Director of Communications
Fiyin Obayan - Communications Assistant
Allison Sigstad-Kirzinger – Events Coordinator
Bev Stangeland – Manager of Industry Development
Betty Timmons - Administrative Assistant
Pamela Warren - Administrative Assistant


Ag-West Bio Staff

  • Wilf Keller (President and CEO)

    Throughout his 40-year science career, Wilf led many major research initiatives. These included the application of genomics in canola improvement; the development of industrial bioproducts from vegetable oils; and production of bioactive natural products in plants for enhanced human health and quality of life. In 2015, Wilf received the province's highest honour, the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, and in 2017 he was inducted into the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame.

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  • Brad Bly (Director of Commercialization)

    Brad manages Ag-West's Commercialization Fund, an early stage financing vehicle that can invest in Ag-bio companies with promising technology and an economically feasible plan for commercialization. In this capacity Brad works with companies, in collaboration with other stakeholders, to help get them ready for immediate and follow-on investment.

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  • Mike Cey (Director of Corporate Initiatives)

    Mike grew up on a farm near Scott, SK. as part of a large farming family. He obtained his Agriculture degree in 1991 at the University of Saskatchewan with a Specialization in Soils. He worked for Dow, Agriculture Canada, Novozymes and Monsanto in various research capacities during his university years.

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  • Boni Dorish (Director, Finance, Administration and Human Resources)

    Boni manages all financial activities, administration and human resources for Ag-West Bio. She is responsible for the overall accounting analysis and reporting, monitoring of system processes as well as helping to ensure that the activities of the organization are aligned with the strategic plan. 

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  • Lana Mollard (Corporate Secretary and Executive Assistant)

    Lana was born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  She graduated from Secretarial Business School, returning to school in 2000 to refresh her skills at the Saskatoon Business College. As Corporate Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President, Lana manages and supports the office of the president and is responsible for the oversight and management of the operations of the Board of Directors and its committees.

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  • Patrick Pitka (Chief Financial Officer)

    Pat is responsible for the financial reporting to the Ag-West Bio’s Board of Directors. His duties also include overview of financial reporting, risk management and internal controls. Pat has been a mentor for small businesses through the Raj Manek Mentorship Program in Saskatoon for the past 20 years. 

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  • Jackie Robin (Director of Communications)

    Jackie grew up on a farm north of Saskatoon in the early days of canola. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and then the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, AB where she earned a bachelor degree in Visual Communications. Her experience ranges from custom-designed interpretive centres, to part-owner of a weekly newspaper, to freelance graphic design and communications.

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  • Allison Sigstad-Kirzinger (Events Coordinator)

    Allison grew up in west central Saskatchewan and from her youth was involved in 4H – which encouraged her love of horses. She began helping on the family farm at a young age, cooking meals and making her way to the field when she was old enough to drive. As a young adult, Allison moved to Alberta to pursue post-secondary schooling. She later moved back to Saskatchewan to help out with the family farm.

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  • Bev Stangeland (Manager Industry Development)

    Born and raised in Wadena Saskatchewan, Bev began her career in banking and commercial leasing. She left the bank to partner in a business consulting firm that engaged in numerous projects aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses grow and prosper. 

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  • Betty Timmons (Administration Assistant)

    Betty joined Ag-West Bio in April 2016 in a support role for the President’s office. Betty grew up in Dublin, Ireland, of farming parents and spent most of her summers on the farm with her grandparents. 

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  • Pamela Warren (Administrative Assistant)

    Pamela has more than 35 years experience in administration, and has worked in the municipal, legal and entertainment industries.

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  • Fiyin Obayan (Communications Assistant)


    Fiyin Obayan was born in Nigeria and grew up in Saskatoon from the age of five, where she and her family reside. After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business, she went into social media freelancing for two years, before arriving at Ag-West Bio. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, going to the gym and biking. Although she did not grow up on the farm, she loves to learn on the job, and she is a big foodie.

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