Ag-West Bio’s Board of Directors is drawn from research and industry experts in our community. The Board members are dedicated to growing the bioeconomy in this province, and work diligently to develop strategy for Ag-West Bio to make it the best vehicle for growing biobusiness in Saskatchewan.
Ag-West Bio Board of Directors 

Steven Webb (Chair) – Global Institute for Food Security
Erin Armstrong (Vice-Chair) – Independent
Nevine Booth - Federated Co-operatives Limited Institute
Drew Britz – Independent
Shawn Gibson – Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
Shannon Hood-Niefer – Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre
Chris Masich – McKercher LLP
Jennifer Milo - SynergyAG
Leah Olson – Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute
Kate Sanford Mitchell – Acadian Plant Health
Kirk Westgard - Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development
Lee Whittington - Four Oaks Investments

Ag-West Bio Board of Directors

  • Steve Webb (Global Institute for Food Security)

    Steven Webb is Chair of the Ag-West Bio Board of Directors and CEO and Executive Director at the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS). He joined GIFS in 2019, following a 23-year career with Corteva Agriscience (formerly Dow AgroSciences) in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. 

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  • Erin Armstrong (Independent)

    Erin also spent 14 years in the malting & brewing industry, as President and CEO of the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI) and in multiple positions with Canada Malting Co., Ltd.

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  • Drew Britz (Independent)

    Drew Britz (CPA, CA) was the VP Corporate Administration and CFO of the Saskatoon Airport Authority for 20 years (retired in 2019). During that time Drew was responsible for accounting, finance, contract administration and human resources. As a member of the senior management team Drew worked directly with the board on strategic planning, financial reporting and corporate governance. 


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  • Nevine Booth (Federated Co-operatives Limited Institute)

    Nevine’s multidisciplinary background allows her to be an effective business strategist; conveying a complete picture of the ever-changing marketplace, creating strategies to achieve desired growth, and designing performance-oriented planning programs.

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  • Shawn Gibson (Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture)

    Shawn is the Executive Director of the Agriculture Research Branch in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. Shawn’s work focuses on the Ministry of Agriculture’s science, research and innovation funding which involves engaging with stakeholders in the agriculture industry to coordinate provincial investments into organizations, people, projects and in the demonstration of new agricultural practices and technologies. 

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  • Shannon Hood-Niefer (Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre)

    Shannon Hood-Niefer is a Food Scientist and the Vice President - Innovation and Technology at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. Her areas of expertise include leadership, project management, extrusion technology, starch chemistry and functionality, pulse crop utilization, and customer satisfaction. 

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  • Chris Masich (McKercher LLP)

    Chris Masich is a partner of McKercher LLP, one of Saskatchewan’s oldest and most established law firms. His legal practice is focused on business transactions advising clients on business development, business financing and mergers & acquisitions in Saskatchewan’s key economic sectors - energy, natural resources and agriculture. 

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  • Jennifer Milo (SynergyAG)

    Jennifer Milo is Vice President, Operations & Product Development, SynergyAG. She is well versed in the establishment of infrastructure, process, and compliance, to ensure safety and productivity. With her scientific background and corporate experience, she ensures sustainable deliverables while maintaining an open mind to change and opportunity to ensure a balance between growth and operational efficiency.

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  • Leah Olson (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute)

    Leah is CEO of Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI). She has over 15 years of senior management experience in the agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation industries. She serves as a director or advisor to numerous organizations including Sabanto Ag, Intelliconn and Ag-West Bio. 

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  • Kate Sanford Mitchell (Acadian Plant Health )

    Kate Sanford Mitchell is the Business Director for North America at Acadian Plant Health, where she leads both the commercial and marketing organizations. 

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  • Kirk Westgard (Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy)

    Kirk Westgard is the Assistant Deputy Minister of Economic Development for the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy. The economic development division is responsible for the advancement of a competitive business environment, as well as activities to encourage economic growth in key sectors.

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  • Lee Whittington (Independent)

    Lee is a farmer, entrepreneur, swine industry specialist, and business mentor. 

    As president and CEO of Prairie Swine Centre for 10 years (retired in 2018), Lee was responsible for overseeing the administration of the $4.0 M non-profit research corporation with 35 employees, while attracting funding from the pork industry across Canada, and working with the Board of Directors and the management team to implement the corporation’s strategic plan.

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