Genome Prairie

Genome Prairie is the leading organization for support and management of large-scale genomics research projects in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. With its partners, Genome Prairie has supported more than $197 million of research activity in plant, animal and human genomics, bioinformatics, instrumentation development and bioethics since its establishment in 2000. Through network establishment and regional priority consultations, Genome Prairie works collaboratively with all levels of government, universities and industry as well as Genome Canada, a not-for-profit organization implementing a national strategy in genomics and related bioscience research to benefit all Canadians.

Total Number of Employees: 14


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Name: Carol Reynolds Director of Communications and Government Relations


Website: Genome Prairie

Tel: (306) 668-3570

Fax: (306) 668-3580

Address: 101-111 Research Drive, 
Saskatoon,  SK  S7N 3R2