Ministry of the Economy

Ministry of the Economy is a bold, innovative approach to creating sustainable economic growth in Saskatchewan. This provincial government agency coordinates the province's growth agenda, led by key economic development and community stakeholders, with a goal to ensure Saskatchewan has a competitive environment that will attract investment. The agency has three main functions. First, it has external strategic economic advisors from industry and other stakeholder partners who work through sector teams and strategic issues councils. These advisors suggest actions and strategies, which the agency's board of directors then uses as a basis for recommendations made directly to the provincial Cabinet. Second, Ministry of the Economy gathers and analyzes data from independent economic analysts who monitor growth and report on benchmarks, targets and progress. Third, Ministry of the Economy oversees strategic marketing and investment attraction activities with other partners to help current and potential investors get the information they need to make business expansion and investment decisions

Total Number of Employees: 136 (Saskatchewan)


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Website: Ministry of the Economy

Tel: (306) 933-7200

Address: 219 Robin Crescent, 
Saskatoon, SK  S7L 6M8