News Releases

2016 News Releases

Sep. 29 Saskatchewan celebrates Global Biotechnology Week with the Sixth Annual Amazing Biotech Race more..
Sep. 28 Brew-HaHa: There's science in my beer! Ag-West Bio Annual Meeting celebrates biotech and beer more..
Sep. 27 David Gauthier joins Natural Products Canada as Regional Director more..
Sep. 26 Saskatchewan’s bioscience community celebrates 2016 Global Biotech Week more..
Jun. 13 Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security conference goes truly global with YouTube LIVE more..
Feb. 12 Ag-West Bio applauds federal funding for Natural Products Canada more..

2015 News Releases

Nov. 04 Rob Saik to present a public lecture entitled "Know GMO: An uplifting discussion about food" during National Biotechnology Week more..
Nov. 02 Saskatchewan celebrates National Biotechnology Week with the Fifth Annual Amazing Biotech Race more..
Oct. 27 Saskatchewan's bioscience community celebrates 2015 National Biotech Week more..
Sep. 24 Ag-West Bio Taste of Innovation showcases Saskatchewan food companies at Annual Meeting more..
Jul. 05 ‘Olympics of the canola industry’ 14th International Rapeseed Congress more..

2014 News Releases

Oct. 03 Golden Rice, GMO mosquitoes and 3-D Food printing: ABIC 2014 brings the best of bioscience to Saskatoon more..
Oct. 02 Saskatchewan celebrates National Biotech Week with The Amazing Biotech Race, Biotech & Beer more..
Sep. 26 Saskatchewan bioscience community celebrates National Biotechnology Week more..
Sep. 03 Ag-West Bio celebrates 25 years of growing biobusiness in Saskatchewan more..
Jun. 25 Saskatoon’s Agrisoma Receives Prestigious Gold Leaf Award as “Company of the Year??? at the 2014 BIO Convention more..
Jun. 23 Home to almost half of Canada's total cultivated farmland, Saskatchewan highlights global advancements in agriculture and health at 2014 BIO International Convention more..
Apr. 07 Manning Awards: Three Saskatchewan innovators introduced to Saskatchewan Legislature more..

2013 News Releases

Sep. 26 The Amazing Biotech Race: Saskatchewan’s National Biotech Week Celebrations more..
Sep. 24 Mark Lynas to present a public lecture entitled “OMG! GMO! Sustainable agriculture: GMOs, Organic, and How to Feed the World??? at the Broadway Theatre more..
Sep. 20 OMG! GMO! Biotech & Beer, and Busting Food Myths:Saskatchewan celebrates 10th National Biotechnology Week, September 20-27 more..
Sep. 09 Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association Ag-West Bio receives $7.5M in government funding more..
Sep. 09 Ag-West Bio 2013 Annual Meeting highlights Saskatchewan business innovation and success more..
May. 07 Three Saskatchewan innovators introduced to Saskatchewan Legislature more..
Apr. 16 Saskatchewan showcases global advancements in agriculture and health at 2013 BIO International Convention more..
Mar. 05 7th Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop in Saskatoon features 23 presenters more..

2012 News Releases

Nov. 26 From Agriculture to Aviation: Ag-West Bio bio-jet fuel study complete more..
Nov. 01 Biotech Blast a chance for Saskatchewan students to get hands-on bioscience experience more..
Oct. 30 Ag-West Bio partners with BioTalent Canada more..
Oct. 29 Ag-West Bio congratulates Agrisoma Biosciences on successful 100% renewable jet fuel flight more..
Sep. 27 Saskatchewan innovators "Taking Agriculture to a New Level" at Ag-West Bio 2012 Annual Meeting more..
Sep. 20 The Amazing Biotech Race: Saskatchewan’s National Biotech Week Celebrations more..
Sep. 14 Saskatchewan celebrates National Biotechnology Week, September 14-21 more..
Jun. 18 World renowned physicians join AdeTherapeutics clinical team more..
Jun. 13 Saskatchewan, Canada delivering innovation at 2012 BIO International Convention
May. 23 Ag-West Bio president, CEO to move to full-time position

2011 News Releases

Oct. 18 Fungus that destroys dandelions? Mustard to nix nematodes? Ag-West Bio to host Symposium that explores new solutions to age-old agricultural challenges
Sep. 22 Ag-West Bio leads Saskatchewan study to evaluate feasibility of developing crops and processing for bio-jet fuels
Sep. 21 The Amazing Biotech Race: new event is part of Saskatchewan’s National Biotech Week Celebrations
Sep. 16 Saskatchewan celebrates the science of biotechnology with National Biotechnology Week September 16-23, 2011: InterVac Grand Opening kicks off the week of events
Sep. 15 Dr. Roger Beachy to discuss agriculture, innovation at Ag-West Bio Annual Meeting Thursday, September 15, 2011
Jun. 28 Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Partner on Bi-Provincial Innovation and Research Opportunities
Jun. 13 Ag-West Bio invests in vaccine development company Prevtec Microbia West Canada
May. 04 Ag-West Bio and SREDA seek out Saskatchewan ex-pats at key life science conferences this spring
Mar. 15 Saskatchewan life science sector exposition hosted in New Delhi during trade mission to India
Mar. 09 Ag-West Bio hosts the 6th Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop in Saskatoon
Jan. 24 Ag-West Bio provides funding for MPT Mustard Products & Technologies Inc.
Jan. 10 New VP of Corporate and Business Development for Ag-West Bio