Legumex Walker Canada Inc.


Organization Type : Publicly Traded - Multinational
Organization area (s) : Agriculture Production
Address : 1345 Kenaston Blvd.
Postal Code : R3P 2P2
Website : Visit Website

Company Information :

Legumex Walker Inc. (TSX:LWP) is a growth-oriented processor and merchandiser of special crops (sunflower seed, flax and canary seed), pulses (lentils, peas, beans and chickpeas) and canola products. The Company is one of the largest processors of special crops and pulses in Canada. Legumex Walker has 15 processing facilities strategically located in key growing regions in the Canadian Prairie Provinces, the American Midwest, and China, global sales, logistics, and distribution platform and access to multimodal transportation capabilities.

Primary Contact :

Name : Anthony Kulbacki
Position : Chief Operating Officer
Phone : 306-986-2200
Email : info@legumexwalker.com

Corporate Contact :

Name : Roy Hawat
Position : Director of Strategy & Business Development
Phone : 306-986-2200
Email : info@legumexwalker.com