About Ag-West Bio:

Ag-West Bio Inc. is a catalyst for Saskatchewan’s bioeconomy, helping to move research to market. A not-for-profit, member-based organization, Ag-West Bio is funded by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada's Growing Forward program. The company was created in 1989 as Ag-West Biotech and renamed Ag-West Bio in 2004.

Ag-West Bio member companies include research organizations, industry (from SMEs to multinationals), research service organizations, economic development organizations and commodity groups. Members represent the biotechnology, bioproducts and biofuels, and health and nutrition sectors.

Entrepreneurs commercializing their innovations come to Ag-West Bio for pathfinding and help creating a sound business plan. We collaborate with the Raj Manek Mentorship program, matching protégés with experienced mentors.

Our commercialization fund has assisted many early stage companies, as well as enabling established companies expand their businesses. By hosting numerous networking events, conferences and seminars, we help our community stay connected and informed. We lead delegations to relevant conferences, such as BIO International, and help set up meetings for incoming delegations interested in doing business or finding research partners in Saskatchewan. Ag-West Bio also participates with like-minded companies from across Canada in creating awareness of the industry for the government.

If you are a life science innovator or investor, contact Ag-West Bio.


Ag-West Bio: we grow biobusiness in Saskatchewan.